3 Ways to Organise your Small Business better

When you’re a small business owner, every day feels like a 12 hour day. However, with the right tools and business processes, there’s no reason you can’t start to free up some time to enjoy your evenings and weekends. Here are a few ways we recommend you streamline your business:

– Organize Your Inventory
You’re likely already organizing your inventory, but how efficient are you? If you’re like many small business owners, you’re likely using an Excel spreadsheet. The first thing to do is to stop. There are multiple reasons why Excel is bad for inventory tracking. It’s inaccurate and will cost your business time, money and unwanted stress. What’s the solution? Automate your inventory tracking with an inexpensive inventory control system.

– Manage Your Email
Responding to emails is an essential task for a small business owner and his or her employees. Many people find this task daunting, and it adds unnecessary stress to their daily work routine. By downloading a mail manager programme, you’ll be able to prioritise tasks and feedback quickly and efficiently.

– Outsource, outsource, Outsource
If there’s a process or business requirement that needs fixing and it’s not within your skillset, outsource it. Tasks like Data Capture, HR, or even Payroll are easily outsourced, and with the right set of partners, your life will immediately become easier.

We understand that the daily tasks of running a business can be time consuming, but hopefully with a few of our tips, your small business will be on its path to efficiency.


do what you do best, outsource the rest

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