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Data Capture Solution

Creating the correct data capture solution for clients is what OutProsys constantly strive for. Every client has different requirements; this gives OutProsys the opportunity to focus on a data capture solution tailored specifically for their needs. To start working on the correct data capture solution and prepare a commercial proposal, the following information is required;


  • Sample of the form being captured
  • How we will receive the forms and if scanned images are required
  • What frequency we can expect to receive the forms
  • What volumes we can expect to receive
  • What turnaround is required (based on volume and frequency of receipt)
  • Indication of any fields that do not need to be captured
  • Any further information that is relevant to the contract e.g. lookup tables, business rules etc.
  • Output data format


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eCapture: Mobile Survey Software and Questionnaire tool

OutProsys designed and developed eCapture, an electronic capture alternative to paper based methods.
eCapture’s blog can be viewed here with topics such as;

Introducing a Survey Software platform
Key Benefits of our electronic survey software platform
How to get the most out of your online survey
How to complete an Online Survey
Survey Software Key Features
Mobile Survey Software Tool
Electronic Survey Software Platform; Scripting and Hardware


Create Surveys Simply

What is Double Capture

OutProsys developed a document management and data capture solution which can be viewed in more detail in the blog titled Offering a Data Capture Solution. One of the key components in offering an accurate data capture service is something OutProsys refers to as Double Capture.

Double Capture can be defined as:

Data that is first captured by a key operator either from image or paper and then re-captured by a second more experienced independent verification operator, blind.

Blind capture means the second operator does not see what the first operator captured. Any characters not matching are recaptured and re-verified. The data entry program also checks all the attributes assigned to every field to validate the necessary data for completeness, accuracy and validity.

A list of benefits of the Double Capture process can be viewed at Data Capture Blog


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Outsourcing your Document Processing

In previous blogs we looked at the general benefits of outsourcing, reasons to outsource and we explained what document processing is. This blog will be a bit more precise and list 6 benefits of outsourcing your document processing to OutProsys;

  1. Reduce your staffing costs
  2. Improve your turnaround
  3. Get access to economies of scale
  4. Avoid costly recognition solutions
  5. Focus on what you do best
  6. Get access to the highest levels of accuracy

For more information on outsourcing with OutProsys view our Data Capture Blog.


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Three Benefits of the Web Portal

OutProsys Web Portal and data capture services
OutProsys Web Portal and data capture services

Web Portal Benefits;

  1. Access your documents online via a web browser
  2. Multiple users can view the documents simultaneously
  3. Monitor receipts, returns and backlog statistics in real time

View a demo of our Document Management Web Portal that provides you real time access to your scanned documents.

Want to see more Web Portal and Data Capture service benefits? View our Data Capture blog.


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4 Tips to Streamline Your Business Process

Running a successful business is all about monitoring your margins, keeping on top of outstanding debtors and creditors, and watching the bottom line. It seems simple, reduce expenses and increase sales; this will in theory increase profits. Unfortunately, as with everything in business, simple in theory isn’t always simple in practice. Running a successful, profitable business is complicated and requires dedication. It’s important to make sure you concentrate your energy on doing what you specialise in, in order to ensure your business succeeds and grows. The best way to do this is to cost-effectively outsource specific tasks.

We understand business, and we know the hard work it takes to fine-tune a process. This is why our business model is designed solely to streamline your business. Our solutions reduce your administrative costs, save you time and thus, increase your profits.

Outsourcing your document processing and data capturing is one important step you can take to streamline your business process. We’ve extended our dedication to helping you streamline your business by providing these 4 simple tips that all successful businesses practice.

Tip 1: Analyse Then Outsource

It’s not necessary to be in control of every aspect of your business anymore, allow someone else to help carry some of the burden. Outsource specific jobs to give yourself time to focus on building your business with the skills you have. You can’t expect yourself to master every business process.

Tip 2: Shorten Your To Do List

Too often a to-do list is actually just a wish list of tasks that you never get to the end of. The longer the list of administrative tasks the longer you’re kept away from doing what you do best, running your business. Shorten your to-do list, and streamline your business processes by outsourcing jobs that are best handled by professionals in their fields.

Tip 3: Tighten Your Supply Chain

Strong partnerships and good relationships with your suppliers and service providers will save you time and money. As part of streamlining your business process you need to choose suppliers who have a proven track record in their industry. Ensure that they’re open about their current and previous clients and ask for testimonials as a way of ensuring their quality of service delivery.

Tip 4: Get The Low-down

Don’t try and build your brand alone, get to know what your customers think of your business and offerings. This will streamline your business process by ensuring you don’t waste time when building your marketing communication. A system as simple as customer comment cards or surveys can help you communicate with your customers about issues that concern them, this is efficient marketing. Results from these comments and surveys can be quickly organised and captured through intelligent data capturing.

There are countless benefits to outsourcing your data capturing and document processing to a group of professionals. As professionals in this field we can guarantee accuracy and efficiency. We’ve spent years developing systems that ensure our data capturing process allows zero margin for error and maximises speed so that clients aren’t left waiting for important documents.

Ensuring our clients are able to get accurate data, quickly, is central to the benefit our service provides, the benefit of a streamlined business process.

So go have a look at our main website, browse our services and offerings, and then send us an email, and see how OutProsys can help your business.


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Offering a Data Capture Solution

To assist companies with Data Capture and Document Processing, OutProsys developed a 4 step process flow:

1.  Receive – incoming paper documents arrive at our production facility where they are sorted and prepared for transfer to high speed scanners.  Electronic documents are securely uploaded directly to our servers.

2.  Scan – documents are scanned at our production facility or via remote scanners at our clients.  Electronic image files are securely uploaded directly to our servers.

3.  Capture – converts the typed or handwritten text into accurate electronic information.  In this process the data runs through double capture matching processes, predefined business rules and validation routines to ensure the data is complete, accurate and valid.

4.  Upload – here the electronic information is securely uploaded to the ERP systems.  The electronic images and data can be hosted on a secure web portal to provide authorised users 24×7, real time access to documents as well as DR offsite backup


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Managing your Documents Online: the pros and cons

Document Management is the management of documents through all the stages of their lifecycle, from data capture and creation, to archiving, to storage and destruction. Online document management is a method for accessing and managing documents via the internet. The main function of online document and records management is to store a scanned copy of a document, and also allow for fast retrieval through indexing systems or searches. The advantages of online document management include the ability to access documents from anywhere in the world, as well as allowing these documents to be accessed quickly and easily.

The benefits of Online document storage services:
Internet connections have become exponentially faster, coupled with the increasing amounts of processing power and storage available making the benefits of using an online document management service go beyond simple cost savings. Online document storage services also offer additional advantages, such as information management and efficiency of workflow. Improvements that an online document and records management system could bring to your business include:

1. Creates more space by eliminating large paper file archives.
2. Reduction in misfiled or lost documents.
3. Document Control.
4. Easier compliance with Freedom of Information Act.
5. Easier compliance with industry legislation.
6. Sharing of information between remote offices and workers.
7. Integration of information.
8. Captures large volumes of information
9. Creates online archives of documents.
10. Archive MS Office documents, paper, emails, and faxes in a single system.


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Why your Business needs Document Conversion today.

The digital world of today is fast-paced, with little room for slow turnaround times. Most businesses don’t expect to have to wait to have access to the information that they need – they want it right now. This is where the value of digitised documents really come into their own.

Document conversion is the process of capturing your hard copy documentation into digital format. it can be a timely and laborious process, but the benefits far outweight the negatives.

The benefits that this gives to the typical company are immense. Let’s look at what you can expect:

  • Cost savings through your cancelled storage space contract. You no longer need that physical storage space.
  • Easy management and retrieval of records – far less embarrassing when this involves your clients and it will leave you with more time for your core business.
  • Prevention of lost documentation and records – again who wants to show themselves up or even worse, lose clients through dis-organisation.
  • The use of voluminous or complex data into information that you can easily access and use. Even data that you may have considered writing off due to the time it would take to access it electronically.
  • No need for manual rekeying of data

In summary, you’ll gain far more flexibility and will benefit from a system that you can rely upon to deliver the results. Your documentation and records will be organised in a way that you can count on for security, expediency and management of data.

Many companies outsource their data capture requirements to companies who specialise in it, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. If you’d like more information on how we can help you, get in touch today.


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Document Management: How to get started

Good document management is essential to a solid business process. A well implemented system can save employees time and effort, ultimately translating to greater profitability. But what is Document management and how do you get started? Our short guide will help you figure it out.

What is document management?

If you’re confused over what document management really means, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s a very broad category that refers to converting paper files to digital form, which makes all files searchable by type and keywords. It also lets you sync files when you make changes to a document and makes it easy for authorized employees to access documents at any time and on any device.

A document management system (DMS) can refer to any technologies needed to do any or all of these parts. Therefore, you must be careful in comparing and selecting products because the “document management solution” label doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.

How to Prepare for Document Management

The first step in document management is to decide which documents you need to manage. And, no, that doesn’t mean you should start by scanning all that paper bulging from your file cabinets or stacked to the ceiling of your storage container. Instead, proceed in manageable and less overwhelming chunks.

Start by picking a category of documents that is most critical to your company, and start digitizing those. If they’re already in digital form, look for ways to make them more manageable and useful. Also, remember that not all of your documents are on paper. Email is another source of documents, and so are files that you store in the cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Salesforce, or Office 365.

Once you know which documents you want to manage—and where all the documents reside—choosing a document management solution to handle it all becomes infinitely easier.

Good luck!


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