How can barcodes help with Document Capture?

Though not easily interpreted by people, bar codes are easily ‘read’ by computers.They are a great way of capturing paper based information into electronic format, for importing into your document management system.

Barcodes are used prior to scanning in several ways:

Pre-printed on the document to give a unique ID
Pre-printed on separator pages to indicate that a document is ending and a new document is beginning
Printed on labels (either pre-printed or printed on demand) and affixed to documents with unique values.
Data Capture software is able to read barcode information really quickly with amazing accuracy. Reducing the number of errors means you can get the job done speedily, and no more manual indexing!
What exactly is a barcode?

A barcode symbol consists of a series of vertical bars and spaces of various thicknesses.These are broken down into groups of bars and space patterns which represent individual human recognisable characters (0-9/A-Z).

Example barcode Construction (Human Readable) * 1 2 3 4 5 *

Each barcode character consists of five black bars and four inter-spaced white spaces.The information contained in a barcode is converted back into human readable text by a barcode scanner or specialised software. This process takes a fraction of a second.


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