Managing your Documents Online: the pros and cons

Document Management is the management of documents through all the stages of their lifecycle, from data capture and creation, to archiving, to storage and destruction. Online document management is a method for accessing and managing documents via the internet. The main function of online document and records management is to store a scanned copy of a document, and also allow for fast retrieval through indexing systems or searches. The advantages of online document management include the ability to access documents from anywhere in the world, as well as allowing these documents to be accessed quickly and easily.

The benefits of Online document storage services:
Internet connections have become exponentially faster, coupled with the increasing amounts of processing power and storage available making the benefits of using an online document management service go beyond simple cost savings. Online document storage services also offer additional advantages, such as information management and efficiency of workflow. Improvements that an online document and records management system could bring to your business include:

1. Creates more space by eliminating large paper file archives.
2. Reduction in misfiled or lost documents.
3. Document Control.
4. Easier compliance with Freedom of Information Act.
5. Easier compliance with industry legislation.
6. Sharing of information between remote offices and workers.
7. Integration of information.
8. Captures large volumes of information
9. Creates online archives of documents.
10. Archive MS Office documents, paper, emails, and faxes in a single system.


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