Offering a Data Capture Solution

To assist companies with Data Capture and Document Processing, OutProsys developed a 4 step process flow:

1.  Receive – incoming paper documents arrive at our production facility where they are sorted and prepared for transfer to high speed scanners.  Electronic documents are securely uploaded directly to our servers.

2.  Scan – documents are scanned at our production facility or via remote scanners at our clients.  Electronic image files are securely uploaded directly to our servers.

3.  Capture – converts the typed or handwritten text into accurate electronic information.  In this process the data runs through double capture matching processes, predefined business rules and validation routines to ensure the data is complete, accurate and valid.

4.  Upload – here the electronic information is securely uploaded to the ERP systems.  The electronic images and data can be hosted on a secure web portal to provide authorised users 24×7, real time access to documents as well as DR offsite backup


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