What is Outsourced Data Entry?

Data Entry is pivotal to any business looking to upgrade to a paperless environment. However a lot of businesses may not necessarily have the skills or resources to perform this important function in-house. In this post, we explain exactly what Outsourced Data Entry is, and how it can help your business.

When a business takes the data entry work they have, and sends it to a dedicated data entry business, or a freelancer, this is data entry outsourcing. It simply means that the business to whom the data belongs is not physically doing the processing work, but is instead shopping it out to another business or individual. Data entry is the act of transcribing written documents into computer data, or of transcribing one type of electronic data into another.

This data might mean names and addresses, computer programming information, medical records, or financial information, just to name a few. People who excel at data entry are very detail oriented, are quick typists, and able to check their work for errors as they go. Businesses use data entry outsourcing to save time and money; though of course there is a fee associated with outsourcing the work, it is often less than it would be to hire someone directly to do it.

Most data entry outsourcing companies offer some sort of non-disclosure guarantee, to verify that the data will remain safe and secure. In addition, the company might also offer a quality guarantee, as well as the benefit of having trained employees doing the work. Of course, for small projects or projects with longer deadlines, using an experienced freelancer is another option for data entry outsourcing. Data entry outsourcing is especially attractive for companies that only occasionally need the service, such as for producing annual or semi-annual reports.

Ultimately, outsourcing data capture can help your business streamline it’s document management process, as well as ensuring vital copies and documents are not lost or carelessly disposed of.


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